What Happened To The Bleaks On Lake Como?

I must say that this idea of mine refers to Lake Como and I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, it’s just the whole of my experience and knowledge of these waters and the sources I’ve collected.

Who Doesn’t Know That The Bleaks Are Disappearing?

Actually, everyone who lives on these waters knows this, from the fisherman, to his wife, to his children, to the restaurateur, to customers who see the price of mixed fried food skyrocketing.

Those who read too many magazines and newspapers or those who do not live and live in these waters would immediately point the finger at the torpedo and the pike-perch. But we know well that the torpedo is not present in the waters of our lake and that the perch is present since before the beginning of the problem. So why have the bleaks been disappearing in recent years? I opened a personal investigation to understand the problem and tried to ask the “local elders” what the problem was.

Professional Fishermen

The province knows well that Lake Como is falling apart, that there are fewer and fewer fish and the ecosystem is now dripping! But it doesn’t matter. Because the important thing is that the Russian on duty who comes to our lake on holiday must remain satisfied with the frying and risotto he ate, so it is important that fishing continues and even goes hand in hand with tourism, releasing more and more permits to lower the nets.

The Collection Of Predator Eggs

Lake, river, mountains the cormorant does not stop until it has eaten the last fish. He is a voracious predator, it is not only the bleak his prey, if a chub or a perch of 20-30cm enters his mouth, no problem! But the worst of all remains the mallard, he is not a predator like his partner, he works thinner, he is a perfect vacuum cleaner, brush leftovers and eggs on the shore without mercy, digs, rasps and destroys everything with his beak. Since they banned the collection of eggs in the nests, these predators have multiplied leading to major problems, constitute periodic culls and return to the steps of collecting eggs coem has been done in the past would certainly limit the problem.

The Ondosous Moto

The above reasons are important but never as important as the latter. Brilliant men, sometimes men who, before being fishermen, are careful observers of the environment, have given me this exceptional motivation. What is wave motion? Do you know how much volume the keel of a ferry occupies in the water? An enormous volume, masses of water moved and set in motion towards the shores, by the passage of ferries and ships passing through our waters. The waves break, move, move and destroy the eggs on the shore! The worst end and the most classic one, staying stranded on the sand and bringing them to certain death!

But it doesn’t matter, only tourism is important, that restaurants and hotels are good for the money to go around! BUT ONLY WHEN WE CUT THE LAST TREE AND FISH THE LAST FISH WILL WE REALLY UNDERSTAND THAT MONEY CAN NOT BE EATEN.

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