The Fispas campaign for Recreational Fishing at Sea

There’s been a lot of talk about it in the last few months, although perhaps we could even talk about years, but now Fipsas has decided to pull out the claws.

Despite the humorous quote from Don Abbondio, the subject is very serious: The licence to fish at sea. This is now a subject that comes back to repeat itself cyclically between announcements and denials, but apparently this time they are serious. It seems, in fact, that the law has already reached the scrutiny of the Commission and that it is preparing to be examined by the Assembly of the Chamber.

In short, there is not too much to be reassured, and in fact the Federation has immediately set up a campaign to collect signatures to make their case in committee. What is serious, however, is that it seems that the fishing world is not responding en masse to the campaign.

Signatures Are Struggling To Arrive And In The Meantime The Law On The License To Fish At Sea Goes Ahead

In a recent communiqué issued on the pages of the federation, in fact, fishermen who had not yet done so are urged to sign up for this important initiative:

No. We are not. Not at all! The form of protest, conceived and promoted by FIPSAS, has a single objective: to stop the proposal for a law establishing a paid licence for recreational and sport fishing or, in the absence of this, to prevent the proceeds of its establishment from being donated to professional fishing, without any improvement for our sports-recreational sector.

10 days have passed since the launch of the protest and the adhesion emails sent so far are just 2919. The Government, the Ministry and the undaunted politicians are instead moving forward with the law, which has now passed the scrutiny of the Commission and which is preparing to go to the examination of the Assembly of the Chamber.

This, recreational fishermen, is not the way to hope to put pressure (read… electoral fear) on those who have decided for us the future that belongs to recreational fishing at sea.

The FIPSAS has undertaken the battle, not doubting that it was supported at 1000×1000 by anyone who had the passion to throw hook and line in the water, that is, to be able to involve, for once in the history of recreational fishing, all the reality related to it: Federation, members, recreational fishermen, associations, companies, shops, fishing and boating companies, specialized press, assuming that it was the only chance to have more power and more voice.

But, recreational fishermen, to win the battles it takes… the armies. Of those, then, very fierce and numerous.

If you think that sitting comfortably at home, waiting for someone to take the chestnuts out of the fire, things will still go the right way … you’re wrong. This time, unfortunately, it will not work that way.

2919 memberships are but an infinitesimal part of that world of more than a million and a half recreational fishermen scattered throughout the country who should be active in order to change things.

One and a half million recreational fishermen would certainly be able to make themselves heard. A small minority will be left to their fate. Even if he were right.

One-click support for the short text that is being proposed is the only effective way to force the government and parliament to take our protest seriously.

The Federation still believes that. Let us mobilise. Let us communicate this to the whole world. Our dignity is at stake.

Reflections Of The Editorial Staff

You might say that you end up picking up what you’ve sown. A federation that over the years has shown that it is not really close and open to fishermen should not be so surprised if fishermen are wary of its initiatives. Although praiseworthy, let us be clear.

Signing this petition is certainly important and I believe that just its realization is another small step towards a renewal for the better of Fipsas. A renewal that in recent months is being seen and you can not help but appreciate! For this reason, fishermen should show a higher maturity.