How to Dembobilize the Reel for English Fishing

We have already talked about the diameter of wire to use when we fish in English, but after buying it we have to imbobinate on our reel. There are some tricks to keep in mind, in fact before the wire can be loaded into the reel must be worked.

Like all objects produced in the factory at industrial machinery, the wires also have processing residues. These residues are the silicone greases sprayed on the hot extruders which, from the nylon paste casting, turn it into a thread. As the name suggests, all the steps are made with hot material that would irreparably stick to the machines, to avoid this, are sprayed greases and silicone oils anti adherents that although they are then cleaned of the finished product, however, remains rather uniform trace. These residues are responsible for the buoyancy, but we need the wire to sink as it is sinking, so bought the skein of wire in the store we will dip it for about 24 hours as it is in a container of water and detergent for dishes in a proportion of 40%.

After that, after 24 hours, we will dip the thread without drying it so that the liquid compound continues its degreasing work. This treatment is not definitive because after a few throws in fishing the wire will again struggle to sink so we will spray directly on the reel, before putting the rod back into fishing, the same product stored in a spray that we have previously prepared for the entire fishing session at least every 5 throws. This will allow you to maintain a discreet sinking for the entire duration of the fishing trip.

Always remember to degrease the wire every time you go fishing and put the spray in the backpack. Unfortunately, the stress of the launches combined with the chemical treatment affect the duration that forces us to change it after 5 / 6 sessions of fishing. The fact that a competitor will change the line every 2 competitions is a consolation, so only after 10 hours of fishing, a little bit, but in competition every object that is part of the equipment must be 100% so as not to compromise a result that, like all professional activities, is considered business.

The Shockleader And The Launch In English Fishing

When we talked about the wires we did not mention this ploy that will allow us to give a lot of power in the launch phase using weights in the order of 30 grams to reach great distances, this ploy was borrowed from the surf casting and is called shokleader.

The shokleader is nothing more than a piece of wire of large diameter that will be tied to our liner, twice the length of the match rod on which the line will be made and that will cushion the strong stresses of the launch.

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